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Consight is a result of combining consulting and voice of the customer market research. This rich insight is the critical component in crafting wildly successful marketing strategies that drive business growth and retain customers who become raving fans. The research becomes an investment rather than an expense as it drives actionable strategies and tactics. You know from the market what to do, rather than guessing what to do to drive sales and delighted customers.

Our primary target is working with companies in a wide variety of industries serving business to business markets. Business-to-business is usually represented by an 80/20 rule, where 20% of your accounts account for 80% of your sales volume. It is critically important you understand how delighted each of these key accounts are and proactively address any issues before they defect to the competition. Once they are delighted, then the objective becomes getting more wallet share and selling more products and services.

We work with companies ranging from companies who manufacture MRO consumables, to complicated products to capital equipment, to wholesalers to professional service firms.

Voice of the Customer research service offerings include: Customer satisfaction and loyalty, marketing due diligence for M&A candidates, branding and positioning research, designing effective channel strategies, developing Go-to-Market strategies for new markets, validation for new products/services, and lost account analysis. We also conduct employee satisfaction engagements.

We use in-depth phone interviews lasting 30 to 40 minutes conducted in house by experienced researchers who don't just ask questions but probe the respondent on a series of qualitative and quantitative issues, frequently going "off script" when a key issue surfaces. This research can be augmented by using e-surveys to add robustness to the data to allow a more detailed analysis across segments.

The research findings are then analyzed, and actionable recommendations are developed from observing results from other companies across a wide variety of industries in over 35 years of conducting consulting and research engagements. We are your customer advocates and can help you in the successful  implemntation of your strategic marketing initiatives.

Our Voice of the Customer Services

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Channel Strategy

Developing Go-to-Market Strategies

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